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Write Right

National Handwriting Academy (NHA) started in the year 1996 with the motto to rejuvenate the deteriorating handwriting values in the student community in particular and in the society in general.

The Director of the Academy Y. Mallikarjuna Rao is an M.A., M.B.A who has studied the three effective branches of Handwriting – Calligraphy, Graphology and Graphotherapy.

The Handwriting Improvement course designed by him is scientifically modulated to enhance handwriting fluency which has become a vital asset in the personal and professional lives of many individuals.

Years of Experience

People Trained

What We Offer

Teachers and parents insist students to write properly neatly, write big or small, write slowly beautifully etc. but no body tells them how to write. We at NHA teach the student “HOW” to write.

Here at N.H.A, we teach and concentrate on the right way of writing, sitting, holding pen or pencil creating and joining fonts.

This program helps to write fast & effectively. With practice one will improve his writing as well as increase the speed. We give special and constant attention to each alphabet while training, because each alphabet has its own strong and unique effect. There is no short cut for improvement of Handwriting. Practice and dedication are the only ways to get good handwriting. It is a simple, practice based curriculum.

Graphology popularly known as Handwriting Analysis is a form of psychology which depicts an individual’s personality and character based on one’s handwriting.  You may have known someone for years, yet what you know about the person is based upon your perception of him/her as a person. But Handwriting can instantly reveal what the true personality is.

Course Duration: 12 months      Eligibility: 10+2
Training mode: Distance learning course with online training support

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Course Features

Less Fatigue

Students learn correct technique to use writing instruments. Students are taught writing fatigue reducing techniques.

Scientific Focus

Handwriting exercises scientifically modulated to suit students need. Improves learning skills, mind and hand coordination, fine motor skills and visual motor skills.

Advanced Techniques

Get trained to write on single line and blank sheets. Ability to write smoothly, easily, comfortably and readily. Correct letter formation and placement, spacing between letters and words.

Academic Improvement

Higher marks as teacher will decipher clearly what is written and award appropriate marks.  Higher marks at the academics will be a motivating factor to aim for better marks next time.

Lifetime Advantage

Gain a lifetime of better handwriting which will be added advantage in career and personal life. Raised sense of self-competence, which in turn increases achievement across all subjects

Frequently Asked Questions

Handwriting skills are crucial for a successful and satisfying educational experience. Whether forming numbers or writing alphabets, handwriting skills are a key to our learning skills. The Handwriting Improvement program designed by National Handwriting Academy is scientifically modulated to enhance handwriting fluency which has become a vital asset in the personal and and professional lives of many individuals.

Go through our frequently asked questions and gain a better understanding about the course

Do you give personal attention to each student?
Every child’s handwriting problems are different and so are the requirements. Our experts analyze and identify individual flaws in one’s writing and tutor to repair accordingly. It therefore becomes mandatory for the trainer to give personal attention to every child.
Is the improvement permanent?
Can legibility be achieved with speed?
Yes, the legibility and speed can go hand in hand. The Concept of our handwriting program is to ensure good quality handwriting along with speed. Our techniques are scientifically proven to deliver 100% results.