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Be a Certified Handwriting Analyst

N.H.A offers the world’s best handwriting analysis course

in association with The Handwriting Analysts International


Graphology popularly known as Handwriting Analysis is a form of psychology which depicts an individual’s personality and character based on one’s handwriting.

You may have known someone for years, yet what you know about the person is based upon your perception of him/her as a person. But Handwriting can instantly reveal what the true personality is.

Handwriting Analysis course covers over 300 + personality characteristics


  • Eligibility: 10+2
  • Course Duration: 12 months

Human Resrouces

Use Handwriting Analysis to select the right person for the right job.  Identify complete personality, which no amount of interviews and discussions can reveal

teachers and parents

Handwriting reveals psychological problems developing in the child such as depression, low confidence, fears etc. Give them the right direction and improve their academic performance.

career guidance

This handwriting analysis course helps career counselors to know the aptitudes and hidden talents.  Selection of right career becomes easy to process.

self discovery

know your strength & Weaknesses.  It reveals your personality traits, which cause stumbling blocks resulting in low self esteem, low productivity, inefficient performance, etc,.  Learn to utilize your full potential. Develop both personally and professionally


Medical science like homeopathy, Ayurveda, etc believes in treating the individual than the disease.  Get to know the mental state of the patient  in an easy manner. Selection of the remedy in such case becomes easier and accurate.


Solve problems in your relationships that were difficult to tackle earlier. Be it marital relations, compatibility issues, your relationship with any family member, friends etc. everything can be attended to.

course highlights

flexible study program

Study at a convenient schedule that suits your requirements.  From the comfort of yoru home get access to friendly tutors via email, phone & skype

handwriting analysis course

career focussed

The course is hugely beneficial to teachers, HR managers, counsellors, doctors, lawyers, detectives, police & managment professionals

be a Certifed Graphologist

Become a certified graphologist.  Get the opportunity to learn from experienced and qualified professionals.  Improve your career prospects

job search assistance

Upon completing your course get access to  complete information on career services and needed assistance to set up your consultancy

companies using graphology

According to the Wall Street Journal at least 80% of the largest companies use handwriting analysis regularly for effective managment

Course Prospectus Request Form

After a telephonic interview, our admissions officer will send you the course details.  Fill all the fields correctly.

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