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Seeing their handwriting is believing. The well-presented writing definitely depicted the mind set of children who participated in the handwriting competition on Wednesday.

More than 300 students studying in various schools and junior colleges participated in the handwriting competition jointly organized by the Department of tourism & culture and National handwriting academy on Wednesday.

While the students were unaware as to what they were writing, they all had one thing in mind and that was to write beautifully.

The overwhelming response of students made it difficult for the organizers to accommodate all of them in the conference hall. As a result, many children were seen writing near the staircase and some outside the building.

“That write-up did not make any sense,” complained a little girl to her father as she came out after participating in the competition. “Don’t worry. The competition is meant to test only your handwriting,” the father comforted his little one.

The children were given 10 minutes each to copy from the type-written sheets supplied to them while the students belonging to class 5, 6, 7th were supposed to write only one paragraph, those studying in 8, 9,10th were supposed to write two paragraphs and the third category, i.e. Intermediate students had to copy all the three paragraphs.

There were approximately 70 participants from junior colleges, 89 from 8, 9,10th classes and a total of 137 children from 5,6,7th classes.

Asma saminullah did not get any prize. A class 6th student of St Ann’s high school, she says, “That’s alright. I will come again”.

G  Haripriya from St Alphonsa’s high school writes with her left hand. Seeing her handwriting evokes sheer amazement. Moving her entire hand, she gives perfect distance between words. Looking from a distance, one can easily get confused it to be type-written.

About 24 gold, silver and bronze medals were given to the best handwritings on this occasion. P Prashant Kumar from IDL junior college bagged the gold medal in senior category, Rupa Ramaswamy from St Anthony’s high school in the junior category and Sai Sandeep from vignan high school in sub-junior category.

The favourite of children was comedian AVSwho enthralled them with his witty remarks. He suggested those having bad handwriting to take it as a challenge to improve their writing.

Dr Bhaktair Chowdary, director of Apollo college of physiotherapy urged the teachers to do awaywith calculators and computers. Computers were bad for children as they could not help in developing any logic. The children should be made to practice with their hands to develop their handwriting as well as mind, he said.

He urged the national handwriting academy to also start courses in Telugu and teach children calligraphy. Assistant professor of OU engineering college Suresh Kumar and director of National handwriting academy Mallikarjun Rao also spoke.