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A good handwriting is always a treat to the eye. When in school, we were all told to use an ink pen instead of a ball pen, all because it would improve our handwriting! The pressure on good handwriting has always been on the rise, what with the digital world taking over now. Handwriting has not yet lost its place in the lives of youngsters. In India at least, we send our kids to schools where the exams still continue to be hand-written. Y. MallikarjunRao, Director of National Handwriting Institute. Hyderabad says, “In India, 85-90 percent of the students give handwritten exams. In school, a student’s knowledge is valued by his answer sheets. Apart from knowledge, rank holders also have to have a legible handwriting if not a good handwriting.”
In spite of being well read about subjects, some students miss out on a huge chunk of marks because of their bad handwriting. Some common mistakes that people make is as follows: while writing, some people write ‘c’ and ‘l’ so close that they end up looking like ‘d’. Though, handwritten letters are being replaced by electronic mails, one should always remember that a good handwriting adds to one’s personality and over all development of a person.
In schools and colleges, people with a good handwriting are always at an advantage. Legible, good handwriting helps you get better grades and it also looks presentable.
Any skills can be acquired at any age. Acquiring good handwriting skills is not a child’s game, though. How ever, it can be acquired at the age of four or even rectified at the age of 60.
Poor posture, poor hand position and a wrong way of holding the pen while writing are one of the few causes of bad handwriting. Poor lettering also adds to the causes. For example, when we are in hurry to write, ‘c’ might look like ‘e’. When writing an exam, always be conscious about what you are writing and try writing a little slow that time.
Handwriting is related to your mind so, one should deliberately write with positive strokes. In the south, the psychological attributes of a person can be easily interpreted. While writing, if the‘t’ bar leans towards the right, it is deciphered as a bad tempered person. It also shows that your emotions are not under your control. Through graph therapy and by changing certain negative strokes to positive ones, you can change your personality. Reverse mechanism works in cases like these. You can pass a message to your hands from your mind.
Science has proved that if you practice anything for 21 days continuously, your mind will be trained to do the same. It just takes 21 days to change one’s behavioral patterns.

Handwriting should be improvised towards to score more and communicate better. Cursive handwriting is suggested to acquire good handwriting skills. “Remember to hold the pen one inch from the tip and maintain a distance of 30cms between the page and the eyes”, says Rao. Teachers should make the students practice good handwriting from the start.
Handwriting shows the psychological traits of a person. People who apply for big posts like a Human Resource Manager or a General Manager in multinational companies or recruited on the analyisations of their handwriting skills.

That is one of the components to select the right candidate because one’s handwriting shows 200 traits of a person like the genuineness, sincerity, talkative nature, intelligence and self esteem of a person.
Handwriting is an important criteria to recruit chartered accountants and people in civil services. Thus, handwriting is not only important at the school level but also at a professional level.