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“Handwriting is the externalization of vibrant activity going on in one’s mind and infact handwriting is nothing but brain writing,” says Y MallikarjunRao, director of National Handwriting Academy, who is holding a week-long exhibition on handwriting at Kalabhavan (Ravindra Bharati).

“With the advent of computers, internet and other user-friendly electronic gadgets, handwriting has lost its credibility,” says Y MallikarjunRao. The exhibition intends to improve awareness on legible handwriting among students, teachers and parents, he adds.

Various aspects of handwriting like calligraphy, graphology and grapho-therapy are on display at the exhibition.

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. Graphology is the science of analyzing one’s personality through one’s handwriting and grapho-therapy, a scientific and complementary study of graphology, were personality development can be achieved by simple modifications in one’s handwriting.

The do’s and don’ts of handwriting are also on display and the exhibition is very informative for all especially for the student community.