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Without Opening your mouth you reveal a lot about your own personality .And that is through handwriting .Nothing very surprising as graphologists had already revealed this aspect. Stretching it further, handwriting can also be a reflection on your state of mind and attitude towards life.

If that were so, would correcting illegible handwriting also hone your     personality? It can insist calligraphist-cum –graphologist, Y. MallikarjunRao.” Children these days are losing that art of good handwriting, especially cursive writing .Interestingly, despite computers proliferation; students have to ‘write’examinations,”points out Rao.
He runs the National Handwriting Academy, a centre for handwriting training and analysis here, and insists that practicing a good handwriting also imbibes a positive disposition towards life. “It will help adjust your mind”, claims Rao
Thus, on Sunday, when the cricket match was going on in the faraway kiwi land, few eager beaver children flocked to the Potti Sriramulu Auditorium to participate in the handwriting competitions held by the academy.
Children were made to copy a small essay and later Rao explained them to the whys, what’s and how of handwriting. For example, they were told left slant meant an introvert and right hand, an extrovert. If you lift your hand while doting “I, J & T”, it meant being indecisive and so on.
Rao says that most children’s problem starts with holding the pencil/pen, putting to much pressure on paper, height of letters, slant, following the base line, etc. “In six hours, handwriting can be made more legible,” claims Rao
“It was an enjoyable session and we learnt a lot many new things. The most interesting being that we write with our brain,” says Ankitha, a sixth standard student. Hindustan pencils sponsored 10 prizes given away to those with good handwriting skills.