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This point aims at giving you such useful last minute tips to prepare you in to face your examinations. By reading and applying them to your benefit you will be able to achieve better percentage as they ensure your better percentage as they ensure your better performance.
•    At the outset, it is felt, that the most important factor that has to be remembered is, the importance of ‘Relaxing’ before a student begins to write, it is necessary that he takes a deep breath and relaxes. After all, he is only going to write the answers to the questions based on what he studied over a period of one year; Not facing Mike Tyson in a wrestling arena; Therefore ‘RELAX’.
•    Read the question paper thoroughly; then decide about the actual section/question which can be answered perfectly. If it is a part of a section. It is advised that the student should choose to answers that section which he knows the best and begin to answer as ‘FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST’. It should, however, be remembered that all the questions pertaining to that selection should be answered before embarking onto another section DO NOT JUMP SECTIONS.
•    Keep the answers short and TO THE POINT .Do not elaborate an answer unless it is absolutely necessary. It should be remembered that the lengthier the answer, the more is the possibility of committing errors. Therefore the answers should be brief as ‘BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT’.
•    It is necessary that particular speed has to be maintained to complete and recheck the paper. To achieve this, the student is advised to hold the pen, put the paper and sit in a proper posture and angle, so that consistency is achieved easily. PROPER SPEED :PROPER RESULT
•    Generally, it is found that a student is not able to write evenly on a plain paper due to which the presentation lacks neatness and legibility resulting in his acquiring not enough marks. If you do in the following manner ,this draw back can be overcome .The student should draw a line on top of the paper horizontally and as he writes he should always view at the top most line and see if the distance from the margin is maintained .This way the first line comes evenly paying way for the remaining lines .Remember ‘A THING WHICH BEGINS WELL ENDS WELL’.
•    The students should learn to answer all questions ‘ coherently especially when he is answering the theory paper-be it language or subjects. It is necessary wise in a definite progression. All the thoughts that are expressed later should substantiate or defend the ‘LEAD’ point at the beginning. COHERENT THOUGHT BRINGS BEST RESULT.
•    I am sure by now the leader has observed that after every point there is a quotation. This is deliberately done to drive home the point that all answers (essays) paragraphs/compositions/letters) in language papers should have amicable and suitable quotations for better conveyance of your ideas.
•    Punctuation marks, barring‘t’s should be given utmost importance. If it becomes necessary that a word has to be hyphenated due to lack of space or lack of planning break it after a vowel than after a consonant like if ‘brevity’ has to be hyphenated it should be done as brevity and not as brevity.
•    Be clear about all numbers and letters. Do not write numbers like letters, or vice versa.
•    Please write the question numbers clearly and boldly and only within the margin. If the answer requires to be written in points please see to it that all points begin with similar spacing.
•    As far as possible the paper should have least scratches as the scratches indicate to the examiner clearly that you have not planned your answer properly.
•    If possible and if time permits attempt extra questions-as it is TO YOUR BENEFIT as best of the two will considered. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS.
•    While answering the bit paper Remember
1. Not to use pencil                  2. To concentrate only on that paper
3. To use only capital letters    4.  Not to over write
5. To complete the easy one’s first