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Good handwriting is a gift and only a few people possess it. The Sumedha Educational Academy, an English medium school at Bethamcharla in Kurnool district, recently conducted an orientation session for its students in handwriting by engaging the Hyderabad-based expert in handwriting, Mr. Y. MallikarjunRao. Parents and the teachers of the school also attend the session.

Mr. MallikarjunRao, an MBA, has made grapho-therapy as his fulltime career. After his education, Mr. Rao become a teacher in a school and had an opportunity to examine the handwriting of hundreds of students. Mr.Rao, who was conscious about handwriting since his childhood, often pestered his students to mend writing. One of his colleagues suggested him to teach handwriting itself for which very few people were qualified. Soon he enrolled the institute abroad that offered courses in handwriting and its analysis. So far, he tutored 30,000 people. According to Mr. Rao, letter connections, zone technique, spacing, slant, baseline and position of some individual letters influenced the handwriting. There are 15 letters in English that spoiled the handwriting. Five letters required special attention while connecting to other letters. Cursive handwriting helps write fast.

Zone technique was another important factor that helped beautify handwriting. English alphabet has seven upper zone letters and 13 middle zone letters which need to be positioned properly. For example, b, d, l and k are upper zone letters, while g, p, q, and y are lower zone letters. Spacing between letters and words also contribute to good handwriting.