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Expert on writing skills, Y MallikarjunRao, gives his advice on how to improve handwriting through easy-to-learn methods

Handwriting started losing its charm and legibility with the invent of typewriters, computers, fax machines and their likes. But as most of the examinations conducted in India are handwriting based, students are finding it tough to master this art of hand.
Mother is the first teacher, undoubtedly. Here are a few tips to the mother to help her in guiding her wards with proper positioning of the pen, paper and hand and various strokes of handwriting.

• Observe the ‘cone’ shaped area at the tip of your pencil/pen. Leave that portion and hold the instrument immediately after that.
• Use only three fingers (thumb, index and middle fingers) to hold the instrument, as middle finger is considered as ‘base’ finger. Always keep it below the instrument.
• The remaining two fingers i.e., thumb and index is positioned on either side of the instrument. See that these two fingers are not overlapping. They may just touch each other.
• Please make sure that the writing instrument is resting at its back.( Do not carry with the fingers and vertically)
• Right hander should position the sheet they are writing on to the left slant and left hander to the right slant.
• Your hand should be positioned parallel to the sheet’s direction.
Most important is the movement of the hand on the sheet. Never twist the wrist alone to the left or right side. Move the hand till the elbow along with the letters till the end of a particular line.